The first upgrade

Image Libraries

Following its successful launch in February 2019, the Image Libraries first upgrade has just been completed.

Improvements include…

  • Enhanced features for bulk updates including a “goto image” option
  • A new feature to enable images to be converted to greyscale and for the brightness and contrast to be changed
  • Improved support for extra large images including robust error handling.



Launch of Image Libraries

Image Libraries

Image Libraries was launch on 1st February 2019 with two live sites. One was at Oaklands College, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England and the other one was at The Endless Bookcase.

The people using the Image Libraries all comment on how much time it saves them and the ease with which they can find images they need. Much of the time-saving comes from the easy-to-use inbuilt facilities for cropping images to the right size and then downloading them – without the need to go anywhere near a graphics package.

If you or your organisation needs to manage and use lots of images then why not take a look at Image Libraries to see if it would be useful to you?


What You get

With your own Image Library you can…

  • Upload images individually and in bulk
  • Include large images
  • Use multiple file formats
  • Share images with other users under one library
  • Classify and tag images for easy reference
  • Perform specialist searches on your images
  • Crop images into fixed or variable sizes of your choice using a  simple drag-over method – making new versions of images
  • Edit image metadata for easier access and reference
  • Adjust images
  • Download images
  • Save lots of time finding images and getting them into the format you need for downloading.
  • Avoid the need to use graphics packages for basic image manipulation
  • Hold your images privately
  • Have everything backed up regularly


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