What is it?

If your organisation or business has lots of images to manage and share then you could save yourself time, effort and money by using the Image Libraries facility. It’s a web based (or intranet based) system that provides an effective and efficient way to manage, search, edit and share large numbers of images.
You can upload your images singly or in bulk. You can apply classifications of your choice and tag your images for easy searching – using a powerful in-built search facility.

Once uploaded the images become available for search, review and download to all registered library users. Users with “librarian” privileges can create new versions of images using a simple select and crop feature which has a choice of freehand or fixed format image selection. No technical expertise is required and the crop facility normally means that there is no need to use photo editing software to create new images.
The Image Libraries facility can handle thousands of very large images efficiently. Because it creates its own thumbnail images and smaller format images, the search, review and crop features are quick and easy. At the same time, the quality of downloaded images is not compromised.

Why we created it

Many organisations build up large numbers of images over time. Photoshoots of events, products, services and people all add to the list. Various people may need access to these images but they can be scattered around the organisation on separate PCs, laptops or servers and therefore hard to locate and use. To make matters worse the images may not be documented in a useful way. Even when a suitable image is located, the person wanting to use it may need it in a different format or size which may involve using special photo editing software.
The Image Libraries facility gets rid of all those problems. We believe that most organisations can make far better use of their images by using the image library while also saving lots of time and effort. It wasn’t possible to find what was wanted so we built it.

How it works

Your organisation has its own Image Library which can be hosted for you or set up on your own subdomain or intranet. As part of the setup your Image Library is configured to meet your particular requirements. For example, you may have certain preferred fixed image sizes you want to use for your own documents or for social media. Images can be loaded in bulk as part of the set up.
A number of standard image types are supported including jpeg, png and gif. When you create a cropped image the original is not changed. Instead a new image is created, and it can then be re-used as and when required.
The library contains image metadata including a unique image name, a classification, tags (unlimited) and other information for easy references such as image type, dimensions and file sizes.
Your Image Library is only accessible to registered users and librarians and further restrictions may be applied selectively.

Seeing is believing

What You Get

With your own Image Library you can…

  • Upload images individually and in bulk
  • Include large images
  • Use multiple file formats
  • Share images with other users under one library
  • Classify and tag images for easy reference
  • Perform specialist searches on your images
  • Crop images into fixed or variable sizes of your choice using a  simple drag-over method – making new versions of images
  • Edit image metadata for easier access and reference
  • Adjust images
  • Download images
  • Save lots of time finding images and getting them into the format you need for downloading.
  • Avoid the need to use graphics packages for basic image manipulation
  • Hold your images privately
  • Have everything backed up regularly